Resume        Name: Wladimir Mutel        Sex: M        Born: 1973     
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Applied mathematics department of Dnepropetrovsk state university, enrolled in 1990, graduated in 1995 with honour diploma. Specialist degree (mathematician).

Past background, self-education:

Computer hobbyist since 1987. Learned Basic, Pascal, Assembler (for i8080, i8086, DEC PDP11 CPUs). Worked with a number of 8- and 16-bit computing systems. Learned C and C++ (before ever starting studying them in University). Had interest and basic knowledge in Forth, LISP, functional programming languages. Had interest in microprocessor system design, low-level hardware programming, computer graphics, video games, multiprogramming and process scheduling, digital signal synthesis and processing. Had interest in Windows and OS/2 environments and programming.
Now taking part in testing open-source systems (laptop testing, reporting hardware problems and software bugs to Debian & Ubuntu BTS).
Run my own server from my home, with DNS/Jabber/Web/SMTP services for domain, with 2 redundant provider uplinks. Used this server to provide Internet access for my apartment block building LAN in 2004..2008. Since 2002, migrated this server setup across a number of Debian/Ubuntu distributions on Intel 32bit/64bit and ARM CPU systems

Main career line:

December 1994..August 1996: Software development (Borland C++ 3.1 under DOS) for process measurement, display, notification, recording and control. Developed packages were deployed at coke-chemical plants in Russia and Ukraine. Framework: DOS, BGI, serial and Ethernet communications, BSC/BISYNC networking, BTrieve.

September 1996..March 2001: End-user support, system administration and related software development for Internet service provider. Framework: DOS, UUCP, Windows, TCP/IP, browsers and other Internet client software; setting up, configuration, maintenance and administration of FreeBSD and Linux, setting up and configuring of various Internet server software (Bind/Apache/Sendmail/Exim/Squid/INN/MySQL/Tacacs+/Radius/SSH/SSL/FTP), development and modification of various maintenance and accounting applications (interactive, batch/periodic and Web-based, in Bourne shell, Perl, PHP, C), setting up and configuring of various networking/routing hardware (Cisco, RAD, NSG, ISDN/E1/V.35/G.703 cards for PC, modems).

April 2001..February 2005: E/u support, system administration, auxiliary software development at software development company. Framework: FreeBSD, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Cisco (VoIP, IPSec), WinNT and Win2k/AD domains, MS Exchange 5.5 and 2000. Languages: Bourne (and other) shells, C, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, TCL. Earned MCSE certification on Windows 2000 Server, still valid.

March..July 2005: Maintenance/rearchitecting/development of online gaming system (board games). Framework: Linux, g++, libraries, POSIX threads&sockets, MySQL, Apache, PHP4, CVS. Also: Windows, Delphi6 and various component libraries.

August 2005..April 2006: Maintenance&development of Forex trading platform. Framework : Visual C++, Win32 API, ISAPI, COM, ASP/JScript, MS SQL Server, ADO. Also : observing network software performance and advising on its improvements/optimizations.

June 2006..May 2008: E/u support, system administration/maintenance, overall IT management at bakery facility.  Framework : Win2k domain, Linux servers and routers (iptables/squid/postfix/cyrus/amavis/spamassassin, raid/lvm/postgresql/samba/apache/php), networking hardware and Internet connection (isdn/satellite dvb/wifi/shdsl), phone communication hardware (TD1232 PBX with ISDN PRI module), admission system with rfid/proximity cards (Card-Sys/StopNet), video monitoring and recording system (Kodicom/Diginet), mobile phone corporation, acquisition and servicing of various computing/communication/office hardware (desktop PCs, industrial IP65-protected PCs, handheld computers, plain&mobile phones, printers/copiers).

June 2008..December 2009 : relaxing vacation, earning money only from my sideworks (see below) :>

January 2010..September 2014: system administration, development support, IT decision making, auxiliary software development at software development team. Framework : Windows 2008 (Active Directory domain, Terminal services, IIS Web applications, storage management, automation & reporting scripts), TeamCity 5.x/6.x (continuous integration system), IPSEC & RRAS/NPAS VPNs, iSCSI SAN (QNAP), VMware (Workstation, Server, ESXi), Linux (CentOS5, 6), Oracle 10g, 11g; IPv6.

October 2014..March 2016 : another relaxing vacation :>

April 2016..April 2018: system administration, software development coordination & assistance, mathematics consultations for ECG R&D laboratory. Linux(Ubuntu), Apache, Nginx, virt-manager(KVM/QEMU), Ruby(xls/csv processing&reporting), Java(digital filtering, statistic processing, sample recognition), MongoDB, MySQL, Tomcat, Jenkins CI. Migration from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 and from Java8 to Java10.

May looking for a new job

Sideworks (part-time/oncall/home):

November high-level system administration, IT decision making and consultation at public scientific library. Framework: Win2k/Win2k8 domain with several geographically-dispersed sites, Windows servers with various application software (library information system, web-site, mail server), Linux routers and servers (connecting to the Internet and between sites, filtering traffic, relaying and filtering email), advising on computing/networking hardware acquisition and servicing, overall Windows domain organization and management.

May 2006..October 2016: high-level system administration and consulting on IT decisions at wide-profile trading company. Framework: Linux servers/routers (lvm/postgresql/apache/php, traffic filtering and access policing, intersite connections/vpns), Windows servers, Internet connection (adsl/pppoe), testing Wine emulator as a possible replacement platform for Windows applications (unsuccessful so far). Web application development using Ruby on Rails framework (timetable management, integration of accounting system with external facilities, remote access to accounting&finance information). Framework: apache/passenger/git/mysql/postgresql, "Финансы без проблем", SSL certificates, online payment processing.

March 2007..July 2008: teaching Linux to IT specialists migrating from Windows or learning it in addition to FreeBSD. Developed my own curriculum covering system setup, boot & login process, file system, processes, periodic&batch processing, shell scripting, vi editor, networking and IP filtering, DNS, email, encryption, distributed/networked computations with SSH and GUI with X11 and VNC

February 2008..February 2009: system administration, establishment and reorganization of IT setup for farm-management company. Win2k3, WinXP, Linux gateways, WiFi and 2-way satellite links, VPN tunnels, phone PBX. Cable laying, hardware acquisition and repair.

March mentorship in IT training foundation. Curriculum is based on Harvard CS50x course. Explaining people about basics of C, Unix/Linux, Python, HTML, SQL , Javascript (along with CS50x and in addition to it). in written/chat and oral/personal form.

April small-scale VM hosting and remote desktop access for a distributed/remote shop office.


Mathematical background and scientific approach. Extensive knowledge in theoretical and practical aspects of computer science. Able to efficiently process large amounts of new documentation and get practical knowledge from these. Interested in creating testcases and benchmarks/measurements to check and study behaviour of computing system, as well as automation scripts to factor out repetitive tasks. Know a lot of engineering classic, can describe what could go wrong with this or that system/network setup and how to fix/improve hedge that.


Lazy. Like to think more, and type less. Prefer to find and reuse existing software/library/framework than to develop something from scratch. Prefer to choose highest-level language suitable for the task than to implement framework model again and again at low level. Prefer mixed-language programming with implementing only the most-demanding parts in low level langs.
Underdeveloped management and organizational skills. Tend to think in SouthEast-Asian manner and see overly big picture (don't hurry to fulfill an order, your commander might wish to cancel it) :>